QUAI Invest Establishes New Partnership With Swapz

QUAI Invest is proud to announce it’s latest partnership with Swapz, a cross-chain stablecoin swapping platform that spans across EVM-compatible blockchains. Swapz and QUAI will work together to expand upon core cross-chain capabilities, as both platforms continue to grow and support further blockchains.

Additionally, QUAI will add a Swapz widget to the platform, allowing users to utilize the Swapz protocol to unlock stablecoins in their desired network. Both QUAI and Swapz possess a laser-focused vision of a multi-chain future in DeFi, and both platforms will add value across chains and ecosystems in an efficient and secure way.

This announcement will continue to bolster the DeFi landscape to allow for more frictionless functionality for users. Furthermore, this partnership will enable both parties to provide great benefits to users, allowing capital access with even more ease through the QUAI DeFi and NFT ecosystem.

QUAI and its protocols, including MeDIA eYe and it’s NFT marketplace, as well as ASKO and it’s borrow & lend money markets, continue to provide immense potential and versatility for consumers in today’s growing landscape.

About Swapz

Swapz is a cross-chain stablecoin swapping platform that connects all EVM compatible blockchains, effectively uniting DeFi with web3. When traders and investors see a profitable opportunity on a different chain, Swapz lets them quickly and securely swap their stablecoins into that network to make that winning trade.

About QUAI Invest

QUAI Invest is a DeFi platform that presents a unique combination of capital allocation strategies to select pools, LP token compounding farms, swaps, NFT Creator platform, and multi-chain borrow & lend money markets. QUAI Invest also incorporates a unique cross chain DeFi On-Ramp designed to allow investors from BTC — Ethereum — Binance Smart Chain Networks to quickly and easily on-board and allocate capital. QUAI Invest presents a diverse range of native features to allocate, earn and receive rewards, while staying long in popular core portfolio assets.

For more general information, and to stay up-to-date on the QUAI platform, visit the official QUAI Invest community links below:

Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Website




The QUAI DAO Accelerator team engages in creating and piloting the innovative path of DeFi acceleration programs for crypto technology projects.

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The QUAI DAO Accelerator team engages in creating and piloting the innovative path of DeFi acceleration programs for crypto technology projects.

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