QUAI Invest, What you Need to Know!

You need to know about QUAI Invest, because it brings us closer to our goal of building a DeFi Multiverse, which will bring users in a friction-less way to the world of DeFi, and introduce the tremendous potential of DeFi to everyone that wishes to participate in decentralized finance.

Here are 5 things you need to know about the QUAI Invest platform:

1. It Includes a DeFi On-Ramp

To clarify, the platform will enable you to stay long in your favorite Bitcoin blockchain assets and cross the bridge to the Ethereum main net and invest! This feature creates a solution for people who do not want to sell their BTC assets but wish to invest in DeFi, not available on their blockchain protocol.

2. Offers a unique NFT Platform

The MeDIA eYe NFT Portal will be integrated onto the QUAI Invest platform, it is a cross chain protocol on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The platform is scheduled to a launch in Q3/21, it aims to revolutionize the usage of NFTs within the advertising and digital media markets, by putting NFTs at the center of digital media marketing campaigns. The platform addresses a variety of market segments, audiences, and users. Enabling them to collect, sell, buy, campaign, whitelist, trade, and advertise with digital media content on NFTs.

3. Provides Access to Borrow and Lend Money Markets

The rASKO Money Markets are part of the QUAI DeFi Multiverse, which will grant users access to a cross chain non-custodial protocol for borrowing and lending. The first rASKO Money Market will be launched on Binance Smart Chain in Q3/Q4 2021. The protocol is unique, and offers its users an unprecedented ability to borrow or lend a diverse range of small-cap, mid-cap and blue chip crypto assets, while offering a unique set of automated risk management functions that protect lenders’ capital. Allowing users to lend and borrow a diverse range of assets, not available on other borrow and lend protocols.

4. Introduces Safe to Invest Projects “SATI”

The Multiverse will also integrate a wide range of SATI (safe to invest) DeFi projects that are vetted and trusted. This offers users and investors alike the piece of mind that their capital and activities are protected from scams and unsecured technologies that expose users capital to higher levels of risk.

5. QUAI Invest is Developing a DeFi Multiverse

This article is merely a brief introduction to the Multiverse. Soon, we will introduce you to automated capital allocation strategies including yield farming, NFTs, borrow & lend money markets, entertainment on the blockchain, gaming, participatory governance and rewards. All to be featured on the QUAI Invest platform. We are creating a Multiverse, integrating DeFi ecosystems that are be governed by communities coming together to create a sustainable future on the blockchain.

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The QUAI DAO Accelerator team engages in creating and piloting the innovative path of DeFi acceleration programs for crypto technology projects.

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The QUAI DAO Accelerator team engages in creating and piloting the innovative path of DeFi acceleration programs for crypto technology projects.

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