Why QUAI DAO is The World’s Leading Global DeFi Accelerator!

In the globalized world that we live in now, it is very easy to get a business idea that you think is going to make you a pioneer, that one-of-a-kind idea, the gold mine! However, it is not such an easy task now that we are in the 21st century and access to information is only a button away. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, Crypto startups have raised about $ 2.6 billion, which shows just how competitive the market is. Higher competition means its more difficult to achieve global success, this gives you a brief insight on why QUAI DAO is doing a great job so far.

So what is a DeFi accelerator?

It is all in the name really, a DeFi accelerator helps in driving the growth of DeFi projects and going to market in the most efficient manner possible. However, most accelerators act mainly as consultants where they get paid for their advice and support, which varies depending on the expertise of the team and the level of success they had with other projects in the past.

Here is where QUAI DAO is different, The company has been in business for around 7–8 months, becoming a premier Global DeFi accelerator, by encompassing more than 20 countries world wide. Unlike most accelerators, QUAI Collective helps develop the project business model, project whitepaper/litepaper, tokenomics and to rigorously test project assumptions. QUAI also helps companies develop their project, by providing substantial resources to help selected projects with marketing, fundraising, and go-to-market services. Other accelerators work at arm’s length with the projects they support, while we treat the project as it is our own, and if we find an especially promising project, QUAI will often act as an investor, thus ensuring the project has sufficient resources to execute their business plan successfully.

QUAI DAO started from the concept of specialization that the famous economist Adam Smith talks about, which was later refined by David Ricardo. It is evident that project owners are forced to wear “many hats” due to insufficient resources, in earlier stage projects. The owners are literally forced to do everything from developing the whitepaper, fundraising, marketing, testing assumptions, team building and so forth. QUAI DAO successfully fills this gap in the market by providing necessary resources for project development, supporting project owners to ensure successful execution of the project roadmap.

QUAI token was introduced to the markets in late 2020, on the date of the this article QUAI is trading around $0.30. However, what is special about the QUAI token is the utility that it offers. QUAI DAO is launching projects such as QUAI invest (QUAI Farms and Investments) and QUAI interchange (DeFi on-ramp for BTC holders). QUAI DAO is also the lead investor in Media eYe NFT Creator Portal, a platform where NFTs can be created, minted, and traded in seconds in a friction-less way. In addition, QUAI has partnered with Asko to offer QUAI tokens on the Borrow/Lend platform “AskoLend ‘’ which will be launched on Binance Smart Chain in Q3 2021.

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The QUAI DAO Accelerator team engages in creating and piloting the innovative path of DeFi acceleration programs for crypto technology projects.

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The QUAI DAO Accelerator team engages in creating and piloting the innovative path of DeFi acceleration programs for crypto technology projects.

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